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WE GOTCHA BACK - Lumbar Compression Support


We GotchaBack is an FDA Approved ,  customized compression support belt that relieves back, lumbar, and total body pain.​

The belt actually induces improved blood circulation which in turn

  • Directly reduces pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves back, lumbar, and total body pain
  • Induces improved blood circulation
  • Convenient and easy to use

WE GOTCHA BACK - Lumbar Compression Support Belt

Color: Black
  • Once this belt is secured around the waist, little to no adjustments are needed while wearing it throughout the day

    It's available in 4 sizes

    • Small - 36''
    • Medium - 44''''
    • Large - 52''
    • X Large - 60'' 

    Always give a 5" to 6" overlap to secure the belt around your waist
    Regardless of waist size if the belt is larger than your waist size, it will still give adequate support, but it works better if it is only 5" to 6" overlap of the belt around waist because it will be less material which will allow the product to be more comfortable for the user.

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