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Jace Wade

I wore the belt all day, and I would say my back hurt 60-75% less! So I have now worn the belt two days in a row, and both days my back hurt, but hurt a substantial amount less! It does have a great fit, at no time did I feel the need to take it off for any uncomfortable condition! Thanks for letting me try it out! I plan on wearing it at any time I have to be off my feet for extended periods of time. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks again!

Brian Kiggins

Head Tennis Professional, Hilton Head Palmetto Dunes Resort

I love this back belt I have had back issues for years and have been wearing your belt for the last 3
weeks and may back is pain free, I am the Head Tennis Professional at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis
Center and on my feet for the whole day the back belt gives me great support and helps me stay in
good alignment. I can wear the belt all day over or under my shirt and it is so light weight I do not
have any restrictions on mobility. I also just completed a 15 hour car trip and had the brace on the
whole time and my back still feels great. This is an amazing product and once people put it on they
will love it forever. Thanks so much for letting me give it a try i will wear it everyday

Andrew Herndon

CSSales Pro Consultant

Just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome product! I do especially appreciate the time you have taken to develop this belt/support. I purchased this belt for the combination of interchangeable pockets offered and as convenient as those are for around the house and my line of work, I think the added comfort and relief of back pain is what I like most about this belt. I tend to spend 3-4hrs each day driving around town… over the last couple of weeks of wearing your belt, I don’t have the same difficulty getting out of my car or the level of pain bending over as I have through the past couple of years. Like most men, I don’t care for visiting doctors or taking medicines if I can avoid it. Wearing this support seems to really be helping my poor posture quite a bit. Thank you for taking the time to read my email, you have a happy customer right here.


*Please send me more information on future upgrades or a catalog of your product line.

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